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Yehliu Geopark 野柳地質公園






Attractions Introduction

The coastal headland is divided into three main areas. The first area has various kinds of myxoliths and candlesticks in strange shapes, and visitors can observe the growth process of myxoliths, which are neatly arranged in various sizes, creating a lovely and fascinating landscape. The Queen’s Head, Dragon’s Head Rock, and Vajra Rock, which are the main attractions of Noryu, are located in the second area, and in this area, which is close to the beach, visitors can also see terrains such as the “Fairy Shoes” and the “Peanut Rock”. Don’t miss these fascinating landscapes! The third area is the Sea Erosion Platform, which has special shaped rocks such as the Twenty-four Piety Stone and the Pearl Stone, and is also an important ecological conservation area in Yehliu Park. Don’t forget to look for these strange rocks when you come to Yehliu!

Located on the headland of the remaining Datun Mountain range extending into the sea, Yehliu Geological Park is famous for its strange and beautiful rocks. Over the years, natural forces such as weathering, sea erosion, and crustal movements have shaped the area’s unique landscape, which includes such wonders as mylonites, sea caves, tofu rocks, candlesticks, and jug caves. The Nohliu Geopark is internationally recognized for its natural scenery.

The most representative landmark in the park is the famous “Queen’s Head”, which has become a symbol of the park and a popular tourist attraction. This peculiar rock shape resembles a queen and attracts many visitors. In addition, there is another rock in the park called the “Playful Princess,” which looks like a girl with a ponytail and is known as the successor to the Queen’s Head.

Nohliu Geopark is a place worth exploring, where visitors can enjoy the diverse geological wonders and unique rock landscapes, as well as an environment suitable for taking photos and resting.


成人:NT$ 120 | 優待 : NT$ 60


08:00 AM ~ 17:00 PM

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Jiufen Shifen and Yehliu Geopark One Day Tour From Taipei

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